Another Year Older

It’s been a crazy year so far and I didn’t have any plans for my birthday because of Covid-19. Just Happy Birthday greeting from my friends and family is nice. Well, this day would end up being unforgettable to me.

My husband surprised me with Starbucks delivery. I thought it was for my friend in the back house so I was about to give it away. I called him to say thank you for the coffee and muffin.

Not long after, my girlfriends surprised me by driving-by with balloons and signs wishing me a happy birthday. I popped a bottle on the driveway and had a drink and chatted a little. Zelda wanted to drink with us so I gave her orange juice to join the fun.Not long after, my mom dropped by for a quick visit to also wish me happy birthday with a cake and flowers. She also brought snacks for the kids. I was going to cut the cake but she said to wait for my husband to come home. After catching up for a bit, we said our goodbyes. My husband surprised me on one knee with a bouquet of flowers. I thought we were going to watch a movie and call it a night but he had another thing in mind. We went to go visit our friend in the back. I thought for a chill game night. Turns out they surprised me with decorations, balloons, and poppers. Another bouquet of flowers was given to me by my daughter. We ended up playing a game and just mingled and had a great time. I had a lot of fun. Before the night ended, my husband gave me another bouquet of flowers.

The next day we cut the cake and opened the presents. We took it easy since the previous night was crazy.

I wasn’t expecting any of this and I’m so grateful. I was beyond happy the whole day. These people went out of their way to make me feel special and I love them all. I get so happy just receiving a happy birthday text or call. This was just simply amazing. I’m so thankful.

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