Mini Chapter Ending

The end is near, my job that is. I applied at Kirkland’s only for the season and I ended up loving it. I love home decor and this store was just heaven and it smelled so nice too because of the sachets. After the holidays were over, I was expecting to get the boot but that didn’t happened and I was given a part-time position. Great news indeed but the day I found out I was a permanent employee, I was also told that the store will be closing. I was speechless, I didn’t know how to respond to that. I was expected to be told I had a customer complaint but not this. I haven’t been there long but I was still sadden to hear. I loved working there and my co workers were so nice and fun to work with. My co workers that have been there since the store opened were blindsided. I was sad but I can only imagine how they were feeling. They’re trying to make the best of this situation and so am I.

These last days are bittersweet and I try to be positive when I work. It wasn’t just us employees that were effected; I didn’t realize how upset many customers are that we are closing. I was just getting to know the ‘regulars’ and to hear their stories on how they discovered Kirkland’s is nice. Walking into the store just gave you a feeling of home or give you ideas on how home should feel like.

This was my first retail job and it wasn’t bad at all. It was a good experience and I did learn a few things on my short stay. I started applying to other places and hopefully the next job I get is as enjoyable as Kirkland’s was.

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