Orange peels=good for plants and soil

When I eat oranges, it’s not just 1 or 2;it’s 5 sometimes 6 oranges in just one snack session. I’m getting a good dose of vitamin C so that’s good. After all that munching, I would throw away the orange peels since I don’t find the peels appetizing. I started wondering if the peels can be good for anything else. After doing some research, turns out they are good for the soil and plants. The peels provide nutrients and because of their citrus smell, it helps keep aphids away from my plants. Aphids are annoying little pest that sucks up the nutrients from new growth on a plant which prevents it from growing. So every time I eat a lot of oranges, I take the time to cut the peels smaller and I sometimes just sprinkle them on top of the soil and around my plants or I mix it with the soil, or I bury the peels around the plants that are having pest problems. I love this because I’m not using any chemicals, I don’t have to buy fertilizer, and the peels are going back to Mother Nature. How awesome is that =^.^=

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