Root Touch Up: Zotos Professional Bleach and Wella T11

It was that time again to bleach my roots and touch up on the blonde. This is what I’m working with. Very dark roots and the rest of my hair needs toner. In my opinion, I don’t think the rest of my hair is bad but I like trying new things and I wanted to try another toner.

For bleach, I’m using Zotos Professional Ultra Bond power lightener with 30 developer. The instructions says 1 scoop of power bleach and 2 oz of developer. I followed the directions but it came out too thick so I added half an ounce more of developer so the bleach is easier to spread. I sometimes start in the back and sometimes in the front but I always section my hair in 6 parts: the front 2 part which is ear to ear, and the back part split in 4 parts. Look at those dark roots.

I tried applying the bleach evenly but quick because my roots were lightening and I wanted an even application. I left this about 45 minutes but I kept checking it every 15 minutes. Washed the bleach off and I applied tea tree oil on my scalp and EVA NYC therapy session hair mask on the rest of my hair. The Zotos Professional bleach is great. With only one application it lifted my hair. My hair still feels great but I still applied a treatment on it. I decided to leave it overnight and put the toner the next day. I could have gone ahead and just added the toner after showering but my scalp was irritated a little. I wasn’t going to risk getting a chemical burn. A long time ago I bleached my roots 3 times and toned all in one day and my scalp was good but that was a long time ago! My scalp has gotten sensitive over the years. I do think age and hormones plays a role but it is what it is. Make it work. My hair got some tlc for 24hrs.

This is how it looked in the morning. Why does it look like I bleached my whole head? I didn’t even put bleach on my ends. Idk but cool.

I hopped in the shower to wash off the hair treatments and now it’s time to tone….finally! First time trying Wella T11 toner by itself so I was very much excited. Another first is the Ion pre-color treatment. Supposedly it helps even out the porosity level of the hair so when the hair is colored/toned, it comes out even. So I sprayed this all over my hair first before toning and hopefully it works. I applied the toner on the roots first and then the rest of my hair. I left this on for about 15 minutes I think. It was time to wash it off. I’m liking the color. It’s a beige for sure. I decided to just add tea tree oil on my hair, let it air dry, and call it a day.

The next day I styled it and took pictures indoors and outdoors. Overall I like it. It’s between ash blonde and gold warm blonde….a beige lol my roots do appear like a darker beige but I don’t mind it. I’m guessing probably I left the toner longer than I should of or maybe I didn’t lighten my roots enough. Whatever! I like the end results.

Overall, it’s a pretty color. I do think in some way the ION pre-color treatment worked since I don’t see any patchiness and I seem to have gotten an even color application. I’ll keep using it for sure.

I made a YouTube video focusing on the Wella T11 toner. There are a lot of videos of T18 but not on T11. I decided to upload mine to help in some way =^.^=