Princess Cake

I love baking but I love decorating sweets more. I like getting creative and finding different methods and techniques on doing something. I asked Zelda what she wanted her cake to be for her birthday. She asked for a princess castle. I really wasn’t sure if I’ll be good at doing one but I was going to try. This would be my first time making one. I looked at Pinterest and I got ideas here and there.

I baked the cake the night before so it can cool all night. I used two 6inch baking pans. After cakes were cooled, I trimmed the top of both cakes so they would have an even top. I put strawberry fronting on top of one cake before stacking them together. After that, I applied frosting all over the cake.

I bought a box of white fondant at Walmart. I used a few drops of red food coloring and mixed it together until I got this pretty light pink shade. For the towers, I used Oreos which I covered with frosting and then with fondant. For the doors and windows, I used brown food coloring in white fondant.

With the leftover pink fondant, I added more red food coloring to get a darker shade of pink. I used some tools to make the trim that goes around the castle and towers.

I used ice cream cones for the top of the towers. I thought they were too big so I carefully trim them until I was happy with the height. I was just going to leave them hollow and just stick them to the top of every tower but I had leftover cake and I thought it was a good idea to fill the cones up with cake.

I was pretty much done with the cake but I felt it looked bare and I still had a little bit of white fondant left so with green food coloring, I made green fondant and created vines and little leaves and stuck them around the castle.

As a finishing touch, I put pink and purple sprinkles on top of each tower. I love how the cake turned out and seeing Zelda’s reaction was so worth it. The fact that everything on it is edible is awesome. Originally, I was going to stick a number 5 on the cake, but by father-in-law said it would be a great idea if we can put a candle on top of every ice cream cone tip. We trimmed the ends a little to stick the candles. Since I put cake inside every cone, the candles didn’t fall thru. It worked out perfectly since I made 5 towers and she was turning 5.Happy kid indeed=^.^=

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