1 Year Blog Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog and it’s surreal. I’m very proud of myself because I stuck through it. Unexpected turns and twist along the road but I still kept posting. There were times that my mind would be a blank or I just felt like doing nothing but I would push through it and not let any negative vibes get through.

I’m a very imaginative person and I love creating things. But I’ll be honest and say that sometimes, most times, I lose passion and interest and stop what I’m doing and move on to the next thing that catches my creativity. I end up leaving my projects on hold in a shelf just waiting until it catches my interest again and hoping I finish it.

This was not one of them and I’m happy. I love doing it and I’ll keep doing it because I think it helps my state of mind….and because it’s fun. I look forward to posting more blog entries.

Happy 1 Year Blog Anniversary! Yay =^.^=

P.s. I almost forgot about today. Glad I remembered .

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