Hello 2020

Another year gone and a new one beginning. This one is different though because it got me thinking; end of a decade. So much happened in my life that I never thought would.


  • I got married to my best friend
  • I went to Guatemala for the first time (I fell in love with everything)
  • I got pregnant twice and have 2 cute rascals named Zelda and Link, age 5 and 3
  • I went to Japan which I deeply, utterly, wholeheartedly fell in love (wish to go back in the future)
  • Returned to Guatemala again but this time with my kids.
  • We got our own place and we’re slowly fixing it, even now.
  • There are many more lovely memories and moments but these just stood out to me to highlight my decade. Don’t want to ramble on. There were hardships and sad and angry memories but I’m not going to mention those but I acknowledge them because those events led me to where I am today. I’m not grateful for them but I appreciate the experience. Learning from my mistakes is the grown up thing to do.

    So moving on, any new year resolutions?

  • Work out more, continue running
  • Want to do my first 5k
  • Make more costumes (goal: Edea Kramer/Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8 or Lulu, Final Fantasy 10)
  • Continue blogging!
  • Start YouTube again and make a couple of fun videos with the kids
  • Take a pastry class
  • Pay off my unwanted bills now that I’m working
  • Take a family trip out of state
  • Finish the attic entrance
  • Remodel the laundry room
  • I’m excited for the new year and looking forward to new challenges, new adventures, fun surprises, and lots of laughter.

    Happy New Year everyone =^.^=