Merry Christmas

The Christmas spirit was lovely this year. It felt cozy. Compare to last year, it was settled, pleasant, and warm.

Christmas Eve. we stayed home for most of the day and by 6pm, we went to church to see my sister-in-law sing. After the lovely service, we went to my in-laws house, ate a delicious dinner, and then finally open gifts. After chatting for a while, we drove home and ended the night watching Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Christmas morning, the kids opened the rest of their presents. More toys yay! My noon, we drove to my mothers house and ate more food: pozole and tamales. We were stuffed. The kids got more gifts. After a while, we drove to the in-laws house again and stayed a while. Now we’re home which is great. Home sweet home. This Christmas was nice.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours=^.^=

Didn’t forget about Triforce =^.^=

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