Zelda turns 5!!!

Can’t believe my princess is 5. It’s crazy. We spoil her since she’s our girl and she’s a total princess and a girly girl.

Originally I wanted to throw a party for her but as her birthday kept getting closer, I decided it would be best to celebrate with family and cake and take her to a theme park after the holidays are over. Just to be sure, I asked Zelda and she said she wanted a family party. So it worked out.

I think it’s ironic that, as a family, we randomly do fun activities on a normal day (bowling, karaoke, arcades, and other stuff) and when it’s a special occasion, we have no clue what to do. But anyway, Zelda put on her sparkly pink dress and shoes and was having fun at home. I did her nails with cute Christmas designs. Around 6, we went to her grandparent’s house to celebrate. She loved her princess castle cake that I made for her and we sang happy birthday. In the end, it was perfect and simple. She’s a happy kid and that’s all that matters. 

Link was very excited to get cake.

So her birthday passed and tomorrow is Christmas! More presents! Honestly for the past 3 weeks she has been getting presents from me and daddy, friends, and family; it’s wonderful. So even though December is all about Christmas, I try to make the effort of making her feel special; remind her that her birthday is an important day. I don’t want her thinking that being a December baby is bad. If anything, you get presents all month long =^.^=

Happy Birthday Zelda❤️

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