After work, I went to Walmart to get wine, drove home to wrap the white elephant present (hair mask, lipstick, a pair of socks, a dark red nail polish, and manicure kit) put my ugly sweater, and drove to my friends house. My friend decorated so pretty her home. She had her table set up with Christmas decor and she got Christmas headbands and a wine cup for each of us. We had a bunch of wine and we ate tamales. Home Alone was on TV in mute while we had music playing. We were laughing and having girl talk; talking about work, relationships, and our pets. I think we can talk for hours and hours. After consuming lots of wine and stuffing ourselves with tamales, we did our white elephant. The max amount of the present was $25. My first gift was stolen (it was a nightlight shaped like the world, lavender essential oil, and a body scrub) but I’m very happy with my second gift (5 face masks, a small eyeshadow palette, chocolates, and a lovely dark green handbag). I think all the gifts were wonderful; Mac lipsticks, earrings and more eyeshadow palettes. We continued the night by playing a card game and more drinking. Overall, I had fun. Another great time with the girls and to catch up on things. After 2am, I was ready to call it a night. We took a couple of pictures (Miracle!) since we always forget to take pictures when we’re together. It’s never a dull moment with these gals❤️

Merry Friendsmas =^.^=

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