Pink Christmas Decor DIY

This years Christmas theme is pink and gold chosen by Zelda. I would gone with red and black buffalo plaid but I wanted to make Zelda happy and it would be a great idea to make pink and gold decor.

All these DIYs are simple; they just require time and patience.

NutcrackersI got these off Dollar Tree for only a dollar each. I bought 4. The glitter and acrylic paint I got at Walmart. To make the white and pink pop, I had to apply 3 and sometimes 4 coats to fully cover the original color of the nutcracker. After I was happy with the color, I used elmers glue and used a brush to apply glue where I wanted. I sprinkled the glitter and tapped away the excess. I think these turned out so cute. Glitter still falls off even after tapping away the extra but it’s alright.


I got these at Dollar Tree as well for only a dollar each. I followed the same steps like the nutcrackers. These don’t come with the LED lights inside but I have some and Dollar Tree sells them too.

25 days of Christmas calendar

I got this at Target’s dollar spot for $3. You write your own ideas and scratch off an ornament once a day until Christmas. I didn’t have to paint this but I wanted the board to be in theme with everything else. I think it came out good.

WreathAnother wreath but this time pink and gold. The ornaments are from the 99cent store. The ribbons I got at Walmart. I used a hot glue gun to make sure nothing falls off. I used snow spray to give it that nice snowy look and glitter of course.

Pink Christmas tree Banner

A Pinterest idea that I had to do. With pink felt, I made Christmas trees and made a small hole on top of the tree to hang it with white yarn. I felt the pink Christmas trees looked so lonely just hanging there, so I made white pom pom balls from the white yarn and tied a ball in between each tree. Fairly simple yet cute.

Pink and gold pinecones

I picked these out when I would drop off or pick up Zelda from school. Used acrylic paint, elmers glue, and glitter. Very simple.

Pink isn’t my favorite color but Zelda very much likes it and I guess certain pink things are really cute. I love how each and every project came out. Didn’t think pink and gold was a good combo. Now I do =^.^=