Finally feeling better

After Thanksgiving, I got the flu. By day 4, I was fed up from taking so much medication because it simply wasn’t working anymore. I did everything I’m suppose to; bed rest, drink lots of fluids and sleep. Enough was enough. I’m a mother of 2 and couldn’t stand being sick any longer. I took my butt to the ER to get the good heavy duty stuff. I was given the good stuff and now I’m finally feeling like myself. The cough is still there though, annoying thing but I’m just glad I’m okay now.

I never get the flu shot but I think I will next year. I mean, my kids got their flu shot and they did get sick right before I did but it was more like a tiny cold to them. I do think it could have been worse for them have they not gotten their flu shot. I hate to see them miserable.

I grew up in a household that thinks the flu shot is baloney so I never got it and the one time I did that I can remember, I got really really sick with the flu which was back in 2016. I just given birth to Link and I couldn’t take medication because I was breastfeeding. I don’t know how I did it that year but anyway, I can’t base the flu shot from that one time. I’ll give it another shot next time and hope that when I do get it and get sick, it’s not so bad and it’s only a cold. Okay now, I’m ready to enjoy December and it’s holiday cheer.

Cheers to good health ❤️

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