Review: Good Dye Young Poser Paste

The first time I heard about Good Dye Young was from Sally’s IG page. They were promoting it since it was being sold in their stores now. I didn’t pay much attention though since I wasn’t interested.

Well, fast forward a few months later, I stumbled upon it. I was looking for a temporary colored hairspray to color Zelda’s hair for Halloween. I kinda had a feeling that all the bright colors would be sold out. I was right. I did take a couple of stuff from Sally’s and while I was in line, I saw a small box with pink on it called Good Dye Young. I asked an employee if this was something you can wash off after. She said yes. That’s all I needed to hear and bought it. I didn’t realize it was $20 which is pricey in my opinion. I had a coupon so I got it for $15. I still would have bought it though because I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day looking for pink hairspray.Once I got home, I decided to try it on Zelda’s hair. Like any product I get for hair, I smell it. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to smell citrusy. I personally love the smell. It feels like paste and it’s moist at first but it dries up quick once it’s applied to the hair. I had to work fast and spread it evenly before that happened. Combing the hair after though helped spread the paste so it was okay. Since Zelda’s hair is brown, one application was okay but I wanted the pink to be brighter. I applied a second layer and would comb it through and I repeated one last time. I think overall the pink looks great and it’s noticeable on dark hair. I wanted to try it myself since my hair is blond. With only one application, its pretty noticeable and bright. I didn’t want my hair too pink so I would comb it thru and it settled down the pink very nicely, a pastel pink.

I tried two different methods: either apply the paste after styling or before. I would grab a curl and apply the paste. I didn’t want to undo the curl so I would carefully run the paste on the curl before it would dry out. I wasn’t a fan of this method since it looked like a streak of pink hair, like a clip on. I wanted it to blend nicely with my hair. So the second method: I apply the paste to hair, comb thru it and then style. It looked more natural and well blended. You can see the bright pink streak on the left side of my head, I didn’t blend it that well. I thought the paste would stain my hands but with a little bit of soap and scrubbing, my hands were clean and stain-free.

I was suppose to wash my hair that night but I was tired and fell asleep. I was expecting my pillow to be pink but to my surprise, it wasn’t.

I washed my hair and I thought it would stain my hair but it didn’t. My hair was okay. It wasn’t hard to remove. With Zelda’s hair, I did have to apply shampoo 3 times to get all the pink out.

  • It’s temporary, washable
  • Very pigmented
  • Buildable
  • Vegan
  • Smell nice
  • It glows in the dark! I forgot to check though
  • Con:
  • It’s pricey in comparison to other temporary dyes
  • I love this product very much and I would like to try other colors in the future. I’ll be going back to work soon so I can’t have rainbow colored hair. This product is perfect to satisfy my unicorn hair craving. Don’t have to commit and it can be washed off. Was I looking for this particular item? No I was not. But was I happy with the purchase in the end? Yes I am.