Can’t believe October is over and November is here. The last few days leading up to Halloween were hectic and I was stressing it but it was fun. Everyone wore two costumes this year. It would have been three but I didn’t want to be too over ambitious.

The kids dressed up as fruits for Zelda’s Harvest Festival at school. I purchased these off Amazon. Link was okay with the banana suit at first but he was over it after an hour.

The husband and I went to a friend’s Halloween party. He was Ryu from Street Fighter and I was Poison Ivy from Batman. I made his costume about 5 years ago. It’s a staple for every Halloween so far. I made mine last year but I never got to wear it. I finally did this year.

For Halloween, Zelda really wanted to be Poppy from Trolls. Originally the family was going to dress up as the Addams Family. It’s no big deal. I’m just glad Zelda was happy.

I was Morticia Addams and Link was Pugsley. I was still sewing pieces of lace on my dress that day. I love how it turned out. If only I would have taken more pictures and as a family as well. It always happen though and I’m just grateful I have these pictures. It was also my mother’s birthday. So we got a cake and celebrated.

After a night of trick or treating and birthday fun, we went home and called it a night. And just like that, Halloween is over and now it’s November and soon Christmas. This year is almost over.

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