Triforce: The Kitten that Found Us

A month ago, Triforce came into our lives suddenly. I was expecting the worse yet Triforce has been a joy to have around. It’s only been a month but it’s hard to picture how life was before she joined our family. It feels normal and it feels as if she’s been with us longer than a month.

A month ago, we went to a family party and upon leaving, the kitten appeared out of nowhere and headed straight to us. She didn’t meow and wasn’t scared. Grandma grabbed her and the kitten still wasn’t frighten. She handed the kitten to Zelda who responded with such joy and happiness. Zelda looked at me and said, “Abuelita (grandma) gave me a cat. Can we keep her mommy? I promise I’ll take care of her.” I was caught off guard and wasn’t sure what to do or say. I knew I wanted a cat but I wasn’t sure if it was the right time and we were looking for a specific breed (Savannah or Bengal). It was dark so I couldn’t really tell how the kitten looked. I saw how happy Link and Zelda were so I gave in said yes. I wasn’t sure if my husband would approve though since he was determine to have his ideal cat. Turns out, my husband loved the kitten. It’s not what we were looking for but she sure looks like one.

Zelda surprised us by naming the cat Triforce. I was dumbstruck. My husband and I looked at each other. We weren’t even talking about it and she’s the one that said it. I would have named the cat Finny but I can’t get over the fact that she came up with that name all by herself. So the kittens name is Triforce and I’ve grown to love it.

We showered Triforce since she was really dirty and I was expecting the worse but she remained calm and quiet. At night instead of hiding, she snuggled next to us in bed. The next day, we bought everything Triforce needed so she can feel right at home.

This past month has been great. Triforce has brought us so much joy and comfort. I do believe pets help relieve stress, depression, and just bring happiness and she has done just that and more. I don’t know how to explain it but it was meant to be. It was an unexpected surprise but a lovely one. She’s very lovable, affectionate, playful and a great cuddle buddy =^.^=

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