Link turns 3

I would always say that when my kids turn 1, 3, 5, and 10 years old, we have to celebrate by doing a big party and inviting the whole family. I think those years are important milestones; not only for the kid but also as a parent. My mind has changed since then. I did celebrate Zelda and Link’s 1st birthday with a big party at home with friends and family but since then, it’s been small gatherings with a small cake and grandparents only present. For Link’s 3rd birthday though, my husband and I decided to take a last minute, spontaneous weekend trip to San Diego and go to Legoland. Originally we were going to do a family gathering at the in-laws house. It wasn’t a bad idea but honestly, I felt we needed some alone time as a family. There is a lot going on right now and we just needed a mini break. We literally bought our Legoland tickets the night before leaving to San Diego and we booked our stay at a motel when we were at Legoland. Originally we wanted to stay at one of the theme park hotels but there was nothing available. We were super excited because it was our first time. It’s a good thing we waited because the kids were able to go on almost all rides since Link and Zelda are practically the same height despite the 2 year age difference (1 year apart now until Zelda turns 5 in December).

We purchased 3 tickets online which were 2 day park hopper + Brick or Trick event, and Link was free since it’s was his birthday. We got his ticket at the booth and we took his passport as proof of identification. Brick or Trick is a special event so we did have to get a ticket for Link. In addition to that, we also had to purchase a Sunday ticket as well. The lady in the booth was so awesome and we only paid $50 for Link.

For being a Saturday, it wasn’t so crowded which was great. Park closes at 5pm and Brick or Treat begins after, which is a special Halloween event. We got our green wristbands early so we can start getting candy around the park. Our first plan was to explore Legoland and get on a couple of rides (which we did), and then go to a motel and change the kids into their costumes. We also checked out Sea Life Aquarium. I was expecting it to be small but it’s actually quite big and filled with sea life. The Sea at Night exhibit was pretty cool. After being in the park for a couple of hours, we took a break and got food. The hubby and I got a couple of beers to relax for a bit. We decided to just stick around and just change the kids in the car. Link fell asleep around 6pm and did not wake up until we arrived at the motel. I was kinda bummed out that Link didn’t enjoy Brick or Trick but we did get plenty of candy for him and we still had the next day to further explore Legoland. We stopped by Taco Bell to get food and checked in to our room which was only a mile away from the theme park. We settled into bed and called it a night. The next day we got ready, checked out from the motel and had breakfast at Ruby’s Diner and then headed off to Legoland again. Another round of fun. We got on the rides we missed the first time, checked out miniland, and explored the water park. I was tired from walking but it was fun and the kids had a blast. Our trip to Legoland was wonderful and a lovely memory of Link’s 3rd birthday. Unforgettable for sure. We definitely want to go again.