Summer Fashion Goals

This Summer has been awesome (I think the best one yet), but it ends tomorrow and I’m so ready for Autumn and Winter. I’m excited to wear my big sweaters, cute dresses with tights and boots, and of course Halloween (my favorite Holiday).

This Summer was definitely different. I wanted to try something new, style wise: no pants, many dresses, light colors and no black. In short, I felt so comfortable and cute this Summer.

Midi shirts are so chic and can be dressed up or casual and it’s a plus when they got pockets. Yellow is not my favorite color but I seem pretty drawn to it. I feel like sunshine when I wear it. Leopard prints were never my thing. Maybe because I thought I couldn’t pull it off. Now when I wear it, I feel badass lol PINK!!! Never ever thought I’ll ever wear a pink dress ever. I felt like Carrie from Sex and the City.

Going on a trip, to an event, or just to Round1, I tried dressing up because, “why not?!” There shouldn’t be a reason why you get dolled up, just do it.

I tried sticking to only dresses but sometimes the weather was kinda cold to be bearing legs. I’m usually a pants and black T-shirt type of gal but I wanted to change it up a bit by brightening up my look. Never thought I’ll ever own a pair of pink pants.

I wanted to stay away from black this Summer but there are a couple of cute dresses out there that are breezy and flowy and Summer appropriate.

I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone and just wore what I felt like wearing. The power of clothing is serious shit. It can definitely boost one’s confidence. It sure boost mine. =^.^=

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