Hair Care: Tea Tree Oil

In all honesty, I don’t wash my hair everyday. During Spring and Summer, I go about 4 to 5 days without washing my hair. If it’s been too hot, then I wash it every 3 days. During Fall and Winter, I can go up to a week without washing it. It sounds nasty and dirty but the scalp gets use to it and doesn’t produce oil as often. It’s also not a good thing to wash my hair everyday because I’m stripping away the natural oils from my hair, leaving it vulnerable and dry. It’s good to have those natural oils on your head but not too much when dandruff develops.

The way I use tea tree oil is by applying it on my scalp and hair once a week and leaving it on for 1 hour then washing it off. The longer I leave it on, the better. Tea tree oil helps fight dry scalp/dandruff from oil build up since I don’t wash my hair everyday. It also moisturizes my hair leaving it soft. I also apply a dime amount on my hair before using any heat products. I’ve used tea tree oil on my skin when it needs a little bit more moisture and after shaving my legs. Another plus is that it’s so inexpensive. I have found it at the dollar store for only a dollar.

I think I use it more now especially since I started bleaching my hair again. It helps soothe the scalp after a bleach session. I’ve tried other products that works against dandruff but they can get pricey. I’m glad I found something that works and doesn’t hurt my wallet.

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