Toning hair with purple/blue dye

I’m trying to hold off on bleaching my hair but I got the itch to change it up again. I wanted to tone my hair but I had no toner or purple shampoo but I did have purple hair dye. I read that you can tone yellow or orange hair with purple or blue hair dye. I wanted to give it a try. I used Arcticfox hair dyes in Violet Dream, Purple Rain, and Periwinkle. These are vegan, cruelty free, conditions hair, and they smell wonderful. It’s my go-to hair color dye brand. Following the rules of the color wheel, purple cancels yellow and blue cancels orange. Periwinkle is a pastel blue with lavender undertones. Purple Rain is a rich purple and can be diluted to achieve different shades of purple. Violet Dream is another purple but this one has pink undertones. On a mixing bowl, I poured whatever conditioner I had which was Herbal Essenses Argan Oil. Any white conditioner would work though. I started with couple of drops of Periwinkle, a little bit of Purple Rain, and just a smidge of Violet Dream. Periwinkle only works well on platinum blonde hair so I knew it wouldn’t change my hair color but I figured it can help a little with the orange and yellow tones. I had to be careful with Purple Rain and Violet Dream because these would change my hair color if I applied too much in the mixture.

So after mixing everything together, I hopped in the shower, shampooed my hair, and then applied the mixture. I separated my hair into 4 sections and made sure everything was applied evenly. Left it on for about 5 minutes and then washed it off. I could have left it on longer but I was worried it would leave my hair with a tint of purple.

I think it helped a little and it toned down the orange and yellows of my hair. My hair before was a golden blonde and now it’s not so “golden”. My tips are lighter then the rest of my hair so they have a purple/pink tint to them. I actually like it. I think it’s a great healthy method to tone the hair without using any chemicals.

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