Peach Or Pastel Orange Hair

So the time came for me to change my hair again. I could have just touch up on my roots and called it a day but I was bored of having a normal hair color. I wanted to change it up and change I did.Everything I used:
-Blond Brilliance express nine level powder lightener
-Blond Brilliance 5 Volume developer
-Blond Brilliance 25 Volume developer
-2 bottles of Wella 8rg/729 Titian Red Blonde
-1 bottle of Wella 10ng/1070 Honey Beige Blonde
-2 bowls
-Hair clips
-ION repair solutions reconstructor

In one bowl, I mixed powder lightener and 5 volume developer. I did a ratio of 1:1.5. In second bowl, I mixed powder lightener and 25 volume developer; same ratio as the first.
I applied the 5 mixture on my roots first and then the 25 mixture on the rest of my hair. I know everyone says never start on the roots because the roots lift up faster then the rest of the hair but I did it this way because my ends were already lighter then my roots. I figured since it’s a 5 developer on my roots, I would have to do a double bleach session because I didn’t think it would lift my hair so many levels. Wrong! In 30 minutes, my roots were yellow, no need to put bleach again.I washed my hair and my ends were stuck on orange which I thought it would lift a lot more because I used 25 developer. Well, I had the mixture sitting in the counter for 30+ minutes while I applied the 5 developer mixture on my roots first. So I think it just stopped working/activating after sitting there for a bit.I had to put bleach again on my ends but I didn’t want to blow dry my hair to avoid further damage. I did a bleach wash instead on my wet hair. I used 25 developer and left it on for 30 minutes. My ends lifted 2 levels and it matched my roots. I washed it off and now it was time to add the color.
I used 1 bottle of Wella 8rg/729 Titian Red Blonde and 1 bottle of Wella 10ng/1070 Honey Beige Blond. I mixed those two together with 5 developer; ratio 1:2. After applying the hair dye all over my head, I was worried that my roots would be too light. I used half a bottle of Wella 8rg/729 and mixed it with 5 developer, again 1:2 ratio. I only applied this on my roots. I was kinda freaking out because my hair looked bright red. The camera did not really catch how bright the red was. I left this on for 30 minutes. After washing it off though, it wasn’t bad. I always use a hair treatment when I use harsh chemicals on my hair (bleach and permanent hair dyes). This time I used the ION repair solutions reconstructor which is meant to be used at the ends to prevent further damage. After shampoo and conditioner, I applied the treament while in the shower. After a few minutes, I washed it off.
Depending on the lighting, it either looks like a peach blonde, pastel orange, or a settled orange. Was this the color I was aiming for? No it wasn’t but it was a nice surprise. Adding that small mixture of 8rg/729 on my roots made it look natural in a way. The roots have more of a pink undertone like a strawberry blonde, which is what I was going for but I still like this.
It’s been a month and I was expecting the red to pop out more but instead, all the red washed out and I’m left with a golden blonde instead. Its about time to touch up my roots and I’m not sure if I want to keep this color or actually try to get strawberry blonde or go lighter. Still thinking about it.

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