Link’s Trip to the ER

Before our trip to Puerto Nuevo, we got quite a scare with Link. Boys are more hectic than girls and Link is no exception. On a Tuesday night, the whole family was in the living room watching a movie. Link and Zelda were playing and they started jumping on the couches. Angelino and I started telling the kids to stop jumping because they can fall and hurt themselves. Zelda stopped and settled down but Link kept jumping. Sure enough, he lost his balance and fell back from the armrest to the tile floor. I saw he went head first so I was worried he got a bad head injury. I didn’t see that he landed on his left arm. When I heard him cry, I knew he was in pain. He doesn’t cry like that. As a parent, you can kinda distinguish different types of cries: tired, annoyed, angry, or in this case, pain. When I had him on my lap, I realized he was holding his left hand. I applied a little bit of pressure and he would pull it away. There was no way I was going to wait till morning so I went to the hospital while my husband stayed with Zelda back home. They took 2 x-rays of his left arm because the radiologist was scared of hurting Link any further since he was crying while we held him down. After waiting for the doctor, 2 nurses came and said that it’s fractured. They start banding this arm up and put a sling to prevent him from moving it. Doctor came in shortly and told me to take him to his pediatrician. So in the morning, Link still can’t move his arm, we went to his doctor and after telling them what happened, they said it’s best to go straight to the hospital. So we went to another hospital and they did multiple x-rays. The strangest thing was after the x-rays were taken, he started using his left arm and lifting it up. The doctor came and said it wasn’t fractured at all. The x-rays showed nothing. He then explained to me what Nursemaid’s Elbow is. It’s a common injury among children when you pull on the child’s lower arm or hand and the elbow dislocates. In this case, when he fell back, he landed on his left arm, dislocating it. The second time x-rays were taken, his elbow was accidentally put back into place by all the arm movements made by the radiologist. Link was okay and we were able to go home. His hand was swollen though and by Saturday, I took him again to the hospital. After 3 hours and more x-rays taken, Link is fine. He had a chubby purple swollen hand but at least nothing was broken and a few days later, it was back to normal. This little kid has given me so many scares and it’s only beginning.

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