Zelda back to Pre-K, part 2

Today Zelda went back to school. Her second year of Pre-K. She’s a December baby, so in my school district a kid need to already be 5 years old to start Kindergarten. She’s a pretty bright kid and I could have gotten her evaluated so she can advance to Kinder, but that would mean taking her to a different school in a different city. The point of buying our home was because all schools were walking distance. My husband and I thought about it and I wondered if we were holding Zelda back by her repeating Pre-K knowing full well she’s a smart girl. Academic wise, she’s there, but emotionally, she can be a baby sometimes. So in the end, we decided to keep her where she is since I think it would help her develop mentally. This time around, she looked more sure of herself and was excited to see her friends again. After seeing her walk away, I felt I made the right choice. She’s not alone this time around since her cousin will be joining her too. It was meant to be.

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