Mini Family Trip: Great Wolf Lodge

We recently took a mini trip to an indoor water park resort. Located in Anaheim, 3 miles away from Disneyland called Great Wolf Lodge. My husband found a great deal on Groupon. We ended up booking a stay the following day. We were 35 miles away from home but it still felt like a vacation, a mini vacation.

Before we got there, we stopped by Target to get microwavable food and drinks since the suite came with a fridge and microwave. I personally would have cooked something at home and take that but I haven’t gone grocery shopping and it was a last minute trip. I think we spend $50 on food/drinks but thats cheaper in comparison to eating at a restaurant and at the hotel. Check in wasn’t until 4pm but we decided to ask and got checked in at 1pm. Instead of room keys, we got waterproof wristbands which also work as a credit card if you link it to one. The wristbands can be used anywhere in the hotel to pay for something. All they ask is your room number and last name after scanning your wristband. We went to our room and rested a little before going downstairs to the water park. On the same floor is a restaurant, the arcade, mini golf, bowling, and other stuff. The moment we step foot inside the water park, you feel the temperature change; its warm in there. We didn’t take any towels but thats okay because they provide some there. There is something for everyone. We mostly stayed in the kiddies section but we did venture off to explore the whole place, inside and out. There are life jackets for all ages and life guards everywhere.

Eventually the kids got tired and we went back to the room. After showering , eating, and taking a nap, we checked out the arcade. Being a video game family, I was disappointed on the size of the place. I was expecting more. Everything else is closed by 11pm, the exception being the arcade which is open 24/7. You can venture outside the hotel but there isn’t much. For adults maybe but didn’t bother checking. Not sure if the arcade machines were easy or rigged but my husband and I got pretty lucky. I won 500 tickets in one machine and my husband won 285 tickets in Space Invaders and again 265 tickets in the same game. The prize shop closes at 9:30pm and we completely forgot to redeem our tickets. Next time hopefully.

The next day we checked out at 11am. For an additional $50, we could have checked out at 2pm but my husband had to go back to work that same day. We did however go one last time to the water park for 2 hours before leaving. We put our luggage in the car and just took a small bag of clothes to change after. There are showers and there is also shampoo and body wash in every shower. I still took my own though but its great knowing that they have that.

And that was our trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was fun. The kids definitely enjoyed it. There are other cool things to do there besides the water park but we didn’t bother because we weren’t that interested. Maybe when the kids are older, they’ll like to try the MagiQuest game, which is like a scavenger hunt in the hotel. Kids are running around with wands pointing at screens hunting for the next clue. I have a feeling we’ll be going back sometime in the future.

Pros: Water park is open from 9am to 8:30pm. You can be there all day if you want. Rooms come with fridge and microwave so you can bring your own food. They have towels; no need to take your own.Wristbands work as room key/credit card. Works everywhere in the hotel to purchase something. You can still enjoy the water park after checking out.

Con: $20 overnight parking. No outdoor food/drinks inside the water park. They do have a food shack and a bar inside but it can be pricey. My husband bought 2 beers inside; total was $24.86. We took alcohol which was in the room but the husband got thirsty.

Eventually we went back to the room and made ourselves a couple of drinks =^.^=

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