Another Hair Change?

I’ve been getting the itch to change my hair again. For the past 2 years I have dyed it a few colors and cut it. I would have done it sooner but my job required that I look normal. So after having kids and quitting my job, I had the opportunity to do it. I could have gone to a professional hair stylist but I wanted to do it myself and learn. My hair is naturally curly and not a lot of hair dressers don’t know how to handle curly hair. The last time I went to a salon was 7 years ago. I hated the way the lady cut it but I’m just too nice to say anything and be rude. So I went on a hair journey with myself.

I experimented a little and tried different things. It was fun but after 2 years, I got lazy and stopped caring about my hair which led me to cut it short because I damaged it. It got too high maintenance. I will say that my hair can take bleach. I bleached it 3 times in one day and I still had hair. I read that curly hair is course thick hair which can take a punch. Once the curls lose their texture though, thats when you know you went too far, and I did go too far. Its damaged and there is no way to get the curl back. You can use mask and treatments but its won’t bring the curl back. I was only prolonging the inevitable by applying all these things to my dead hair. The ends just felt fried up, dry, and nasty. I would trim them but I knew that I would have to cut all of my dry overly processed bleach hair. So I did, up to my chin and it felt great. My hair felt so much better. I needed that. I would have gone shorter, like a pixie cut, but my husband wouldn’t have liked it.

The good thing of having a normal hair color, I don’t have to touch up roots (I hated that day), no need to spend money on certain products to protect my hair and I can take hot showers without worrying on the color fading.

I do miss having colored hair sometimes. My favorite was purple. I thought it was funny when I would wander off in a store and my husband and kids can spot me right away because of my purple hair. I think eventually I’ll go back to purple.

I’ve learned that coloring my hair is science. You gotta know what you are doing or you’ll mess up your hair. I experienced that in the end when I wanted to go back to brown and my hair was blue (what a nightmare). In the end, I applied black hair dye and called it a day. You gotta pay attention to the color ring. I watched a lot of Youtube videos whenever I wanted to do a different hair color, but I kept in mind that everyone’s hair is different and the results the person got in the video might not be the same results I get. I pretty much always got the color I wanted until I wanted to take the color out and go back to a normal hair color.

So whats my next hair color? I’m thinking strawberry blonde or a nice red (not Bozo the Clown red) Maybe in 2 months or until I get impatient and impulsive.

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