Adults living in a kids room

Just a few days ago, I decided to move stuff around the room and closet. I do this two times a year;before Summer and after Winter. So Zelda’s bed was inside the closet with her play kitchen. It’s a pretty big closet;half is only used for clothes and the other half is like her own mini room. I decided to move her bed and kitchen to the actual room and put a large dresser I have inside the closet. After moving everything and checking out the final look, the room now looks like a kids room. Not sure if I like it or hate it. I do like Zeldas corner with her plushies though. I guess I’m just conflicted because I meant the room to look more ‘adultish’ and less ‘kiddish’ and now it looks more like a kids room with a king bed which looks out of place.

My husband and I are into video games, Pokémon, anime, Nintendo stuff etc. My husband has quite a collection of stuff so even before we had kids, our room looked like a kids room. Now with kids, we have more stuff. Zelda and Link love what we love. She has a small collection of Pikachu plushies and Link has a collection of Super Mario toys. So I guess in the end, the room will forever look like a kids room unless we decide to do a game room and put all our ‘toys’ there.

I think it’s just the cluster that bothers me sometimes so I rearrange things so it can look clean and in the process, get rid of things we don’t need/use/want anymore.

After cleaning up, I looked up some ideas on Pinterest on how to share a bedroom with kids without it looking so childish. But I think that’s impossible because we’re kids in adult bodies. So my next idea is making my room look cool and hip; a combination of both worlds and not looking like a playground.

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