Cosplay: Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

When I played Aqua, I just fell in love with her character more and more. I could just relate to her story of courage, self sacrifice, faith, and love. I had to dress up as her once I finished the game. Birth by Sleep was released back in 2010. It took me 8 years to finally cosplay her! I think it was meant to be. It was 8 years in the making.

Before I start any costume, I do my research and try to get a clear detailed view of the outfit. I don’t know why, but the hardest part for me is choosing the right color for everything. I try to be accurate on that but its difficult sometimes because Aqua’s outfit either is dark or light in the game/artwork. Not just her clothes but the wig. When the game came out back in 2010, I couldn’t find a wig with her hair color. What I found was either custom made or too pricey. So I waited until something to my liking became available.

But once I got that down, everything sorta just fell into place. I want to say that everything is made from scratch but I just don’t have the time and skills to make some stuff; like the shorts and thigh high black socks; I bought off Amazon.

Her top is actually a navy turtleneck shirt which I modified and added black bias tape. I use one of my bras to cut out black cups that go on the top. I also used black bias tape to cover the ends. The pinks straps is bias tape. I originally wanted to make them from pleather, but I ran out of time.

The corset I bought from Fredrick’s years ago and I just sewed on white ribbons. Her bell sleeves, I eyeballed it and just kept modifying them. The gloves I got off years ago for only $20.

All the white straps going around Aqua’s waist are cut at different lengths and different angles in the end. 6 in total and I put each one on individually. It takes a while to put them on but I just think its easier for me to place the straps properly. The blue fabric is tied around my waist by a string which I tuck underneath the corset.

I made boots covers so I wouldn’t have to stick the foam to the boots directly. Making armor is not my expertise so these took a while to make. I used craft foam and shaped the foam with a heat gun. I used a hot glue gun to stick the pieces together. Sealed it with Mod Podge and then spray painted them. I think they came of pretty well.

I glued on non-slip grip pads on each shoe which I bought from Walmart. You can find them in the shoe department.

Besides her armor boots, Aqua also has armor in her arms. Same like the boots; created out of craft foam, molded with a heat gun, primed with Mod Podge, spray painted and then glue parts together.

The wig I bought off Arda Wigs. Its the Magnum Long Classic in Denim Blue.

I completely forgot to add the pink chest straps in these pictures. Oh well but yeah! This is the completed costume! I had 8 years to work on this and I was literally still working on it the night before Anime Expo. But thats me. I procrastinate a lot but I still manage to somehow finish, or at least make it wearable.

I’m so happy how this cosplay turned out. I know it can be a lot better in some parts but its no big deal. After wearing it at the con for 5+ hours, the shoe armor showed some wear but other than that, everything held out well. I would have worn the costume all day since its pretty comfortable but I left the convention to drop the kids off at grandmas and the moment we left the convention, it was an inferno outside. The hottest day of the year! I think it was 105 degrees. I think thats why the booth armor molded somewhat. And not just me, other cosplayers had issues with their armor as well. The walk to the car was unpleasant. I started to sweat and wearing a wig was not helping. Once I step foot inside the car, I snatched that wig away and started removing my costume carefully. I really wanted to leave it on but the heat was too much. Other than that, cool! Not sure when I plan on wearing this again. I do want to take pictures on the beach lol.

Highlight: Anime Expo 2018, Since I was dressed up as Aqua, I was able to skip the long line to play the demo version of Kingdom Hearts 3! They were maxed out and it was an hour long wait. I was put in the front of the line. Dope! I was so happy.

I think I only took one picture that day since I was preoccupied with the kids and the massive amount of people there, and the heat. I waited for the weather to cool down so I can wear it again and at least take some selfies =^.^=

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