DIY: Custom Fridge Magnets

Making fridge magnets is fun and simple. All you need is a hot glue gun with glue sticks, pieces of magnet, and the item you want to stick on the fridge. I have keychains, charms, pins, and bottle caps that I would love to put on my fridge.

You wanna make sure the back of each item is flat so the magnet can lay flat. You can buy magnets at any craft store but I honestly just use the sheet magnets I get in the mail that advertises something. It’s bendable and you can cut it any shape you like.

It’s pretty simple. Cut a piece of magnet to glue to the back of the item. The question block use to be a pin but the back part fell off. After applying glue, just apply enough pressure to stick it to the back of the piece. Wait until it’s completely dry and that’s it! Simple.

The bottle cap does take longer but it works. I cover the back part of it with hot glue. I wait until it cools down and then apply more if I need to. After I have a flat surface, I glue a piece of magnet in the back and wait until it cools down and ta-da! It’s done. The only tricky part of this one is trying to get a smooth flat back so the magnet can stick right. If it doesn’t, the whole magnet won’t stick to the fridge and the piece will end up falling off. I’ve had a couple of them fall off because the magnet isn’t laying flat. Just takes practice and patience.

So there you have it. A fun and simple tutorial on how to make magnets out of small cute things I like. The kids love them.

And if you’re wondering how many bottle caps I’ve converted into magnets, it’s a couple and still growing. A cool bottle cap collection of different beers and drinks.

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