New Armor (Intimates) by Auden

My body changed after having 2 kids. Some parts I like and some parts I don’t but I learned to love and accept them. One of these parts is my breasts. When I was breastfeeding, I was a 36C, maybe D, depending on the bra brand. I only bought 3 bras since I knew the boobs were temporary. I’m back to being a 34B but the girls don’t look the same. I noticed that my bras just didn’t fit the same either. My boobs lost their perkiness; they deflated. I didn’t think it would bother me so much until I saw that certain clothing just didn’t fit well because I needed the support there. I use to buy bras just because they looked cute. I still do but now I also look for good support.

On one of my Target trips, I noticed a new line of bras and underwear called Auden. I don’t wear frilly pink clothing and I’m not a girly girl but I do love a cute lace bra; it makes me feel cute. The same thing can be said about underwear.

Not all bras are the same. Depending on the design and brand, I’m either a 34B or 36B, a Small on some bras and a Medium on others. It can be annoying since I have to try every bra before buying. But in the end, I got 3 bras and 5 pairs of underwear. The boobs sit right and bouncy, and the underwear hugged my booty so well. I felt sexy and cute at the same time.

I think the brand is affordable. There are different styles and colors and the size range is big. Not all Targets are the same though. I saw a lovely white bralette at another Target that my local Target didn’t have.

The most I paid for one of the bras was $16.99. Each pair of underwear was $5. I would have bought 2 more bras but I couldn’t find my size. Maybe thats a good thing. I don’t need that many, for now.

I got rid of old bras and underwear since most lost their elasticity and shape. It felt good tossing old stuff and replacing it with new pretty ones. I know nobody besides my husband is going to see me in them. Sometimes just wearing a pretty bra and underwear is all I need to make me feel better; feels like armor, I feel powerful.

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