Candle Wax Warmer=Home smells like paradise

I didn’t care much how my place smelled before. The place either smelled of scented candles or perfume I would put on. That changed after having kids and moving to a bigger place. Candles do work but only in small areas. Same goes with the air wick plug ins. I’m a clean person and I try to keep everything in order but that’s kinda hard with 2 kids. So I’ve come to accept the mess (only slightly) only if the place smells great. What works for me is a candle wax warmer.

I got these two at Walmart and their selection has gotten bigger. Amazon has pretty ones too. I got these because it gives me a Japanese shōji vibe. It also acts as a night light. It does get hot though so be careful when it’s on.

One wax cube is enough to make the place smell wonderful. If you want to go overboard, then add a second cube. Unlike other air fresheners, the smell of these linger for a long time.

My local Walmart has a big section of only scented wax cubes. There is so many to choose from and it can get overwhelming trying to pick out a scent. I like that I can switch it up depending on my mood.

They have limited edition and seasonal ones as well. By far my favorite is the island pomelo dragonfruit. Smells fruity but not sweet. Second would be pine tree but I ran out of those and it’s a seasonal scent.

Eventually the smell wears off after a couple of uses. Just throw away the old wax and put a new cube.

I think it’s a lot cheaper then buying a Bath & Body Works candle. The wax packets cost $2 each and sometimes they have some on clearance(old scents/seasonal) for $1 or .50 cents. Target also sells some; not as much as Walmart but they do have scents that Walmart doesn’t have. Same goes with Bath & Body Works.

I keep my big wax warmer in the countertop since I have an open kitchen with a view to the livingroom. I have the plug in one in the bathroom. It’s perfect when you have people over and the bathroom smells wonderful despite someone throwing a load in the toilet.

So if you want your home to smell nice and clean despite the dirty laundry, the horrible smell that’s in the fridge, or the stinking litter box, just turn the wax warmer on; it overpowers all the others smells for a while.

P.S. I still love candles but I only splurge on those if I really love the scent and if they’re on sale.

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