I was on a roll and then I slowed down. What happened? Well, Kingdom Hearts 3 happened. I already passed it about two weeks ago but I’m not those type of gamers that drops a game after passing it, no. I make sure I get everything.

Aside from that, kids got sick and then I got sick, really bad. I still haven’t fully recovered and I’m starting to think that my root canal is the ‘root’ of my illness. I don’t want to base it off that but most of my pain is coming from the left side of my head, which is the side that my root canal is. Even if it’s not that, I still gotta get it checked out. I very much feel something which I’m not suppose to since supposedly the nerve was killed but I’ve had so many issues with this root canal. I’m honestly fed up with it, I rather get it removed completely. I don’t want paranoia to set in but ever since I watched that documentary on Netflix called Root Cause, it made me think about my problematic root canal. Not all root canals are bad, I just think that mind wasn’t done correctly. Hopefully my insurance covers dental work. If not, then it’s off to Tijuana to take care of the problem.

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