DIY: Heart Pillow

My daughter’s preschool class asked us parents to make a reading pillow. It could be anything. I wanted to make a rainbow pillow but my sewing machine currently isn’t working. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with something difficult since I’ll be sewing it by hand. We decided on a heart pillow. I could have bought one since Valentines Day is next month and there are heart pillows everywhere but I wanted to make one for her.

I have a bin full of fabric so I picked a pink fabric from there. I wanted it to be soft but have some sort of texture, so I decided to make messy pom poms from pink yarn and cover one side of the pillow with them. I used hot glue to attach them to the fabric.

After attaching the pom poms, it was time to sew the 2 heart pieces together.

If my sewing machine was working, this would have taken less than 5 mins. Hand sewing took 30+ minutes. I think even longer since I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t open up. I was deeply missing my machine while hand sewing this.

Before sewing shut the pillow, I left an opening to stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing. I kept adding stuffing until the pillow had a nice shape to it. Once I was happy with the shape and fluffiness, I sewed up the small opening. I think it came out pretty good. A quick and easy project. I think it only took 3 to 4 hours to complete. The pom poms were time consuming but I like how they came out in the end.

I completely forgot to sew her name on it or attach a tag to write her name since the pillow is going to be in her class. Oh well. I’m sure everyone will know its her pillow. It’s really soft and my daughter loves it. She can’t wait to take it to school =^.^=

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