Cozy Reading: Long Live The Pumpkin Queen

The first book read of 2023 done! I wanted to take a break from the Star Wars universe so I browsed for something different. I wanted something out of the Disney realm but Long Live The Pumpkin Queen peaked my interest. I know many people would want a sequel of Tim Burton’s film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I think Tim has said that isn’t his thing. There’s been rumors but who knows if they’re true. We got this book though and it did satisfy my need for more Jack and Sally.

Sally has become the Pumpkin Queen when she married Jack Skellington. She soon realizes that becoming queen brings forth responsibilities that she wasn’t expecting. She decides to run and hide for a bit and in doing so, she stumble upon another door long forgotten. The door leading to Dream Town. Sally’s curiosity gets the better of her and she accidentally unleashes a monster into Halloween Town. She realizes the situation is a lot worse than she thought when she ventures onto the other holiday tree doors and discovers those towns have also been affected by the monster. Sally is the only one left to do anything but can she before it’s too late?

I loved the way the movie ended so I wasn’t left wanting more but when I discovered this book, I wanted to know what direction they’ll be going in and the plot. Instead of Jack being the main character like in the movie, it’s Sally. I was intrigued. It started off well with Jack and Sally going to their honeymoon in Valentine’s Town. I loved that they went to another town. I was always curious if Jack would venture onto the other doors and in the book he has. As the story progressed, Sally’s gloomy negative way of thinking started to irritate me. She would shut down and cry and just whine how she just wants to be with Jack forever. It got repetitive. It wasn’t until the end that she decides to be the heroine and tries to save everyone. Funny how meeting a sleeping Queen Elizabeth II made her realize she can be a queen herself. The book ends on a happy note with Sally saving everyone.

Personally, I don’t think this book needs to be turned into a movie. I would love to see the other towns though but I’m happy with my imagination. We don’t get much of Jack dialogue but what we do get I like. He’s so caring and loving to Sally and just dreamy. All in all, I enjoyed the book once I got passed Sally’s pessimistic moments.

On a final note, I would love to see how Sally’s black gown and crown made of forged iron and dove feathers from Valentine’s Town would look. I think I would cosplay it.

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