Cozy Reading: Ahsoka

The last book review of 2022. I’m slightly disappointed in myself because I started this book about a month ago. I place the blame on the holidays, birthdays, work, and getting sick (I got sick again for Christmas yay! Sarcasm by the way.) I was hoping to start on another book and finish it before the New Year but that’s not going to happen. I’m just glad I finally finished Ahsoka.

I didn’t know who Ahsoka was until I watched Clone Wars. I found her character a little too chipper in the first season but she started to grow on me and she came to be another favorite character of mine. I didn’t know what happened to Ahsoka when Order 66 was executed. I thought she died because she isn’t mention in the movies at all. It wasn’t until I watched the show Rebels that I find out she’s alive, just in hiding and using the codename Fulcrum. I believe Rebels takes place 14 years after this book. From what I understand, the book takes place one year after the fall of the Republic and rise of the Empire. We get to find out what Ahsoka has been up to since then.

Ahsoka was living in a planet called Thabeska under the name Ashla working as a mechanic. It was Empire Day and everyone in the city is out celebrating while she gets ready to flee the planet. She doesn’t want to leave but she can’t stay at a place too long in fear that she’ll be discovered and place herself and those around her in danger. The Jedi are declared traitors and enemies to the Empire. Many have been killed and the ones still alive went into hiding. Ahsoka being one of them. She doesn’t consider herself a Jedi but nevertheless, she is still hunted down for her strong connection to the force. She flees further into the outer rim and lands on a moon called Raada. In comparison to Thabeska, Raada is smaller and isn’t as developed but it seems to be under the radar so it’s a great place to call home. The first person she meets is Kaeden and they slowly become friends. Kaeden introduces her crew to Ahsoka. They are all farmers who work on the field. A simple peaceful life until the empire shows up one day. It’s time for Ahsoka to flee again but this time she decides to do things differently. She can’t keep running. Eventually she’s going to have to face them.

Ahsoka doesn’t consider herself a Jedi anymore but her way of thinking is very much like one still. She tries to reach out to Anakin, her former master, but all she feels is darkness and an emptiness on the other end. She also reaches out to other Jedis but no luck. She is conflicted with herself through out the book and not until the end does she accept who she is and what her purpose is. She’s meant to help those in need. Nothing good comes from thinking of the past and the future is unknown. What she knows is the present and she will focus on that.

I did enjoy the novel in the end. I would get teary-eyed whenever Ahsoka would remember her adventures with Anakin. Her mentions of him through out the whole book always made me feel sad. I wanted to cry when Ahsoka and R2-D2 reunited. I was hoping they’ll stay together but I knew that wasn’t going to happen since R2 ends up with Leia. In all honesty, the book can be skipped but it’s a great read of character development. Ahsoka is a Jedi but a Jedi that’s adapting to the changes of the galaxy to survive.

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