Tapia Bros Pumpkin Patch Farm

It’s October and we just hit our first Pumpkin Patch. A new place we never been and it didn’t disappoint. We checked out the Tapia Bros Farm in Encino, CA. It’s a family owned farm with delicious organic produce and farm animals. We went on Wednesday morning so there wasn’t much of a crowd but we enjoyed it because the kids got to roam free and run around.

I was expecting the entrance to be $3 per person because that’s what I saw on their Instagram page but it was free. They have plenty of animals such as chickens, pigs, goats, a turkey, and donkeys. They have pony rides but that’s only available on the weekends. The same with the train ride. I was wondering where the corn maze was and it’s actually across the street. I wanted to try it out. Its $10 per person. We bought our tickets and off we went to the corn maze.

I have been on corn mazes before but they haven’t been the best. This one definitely became a favorite. It’s very bushy and green and you can get lost in there. There were other people in the maze too and we only encountered 2 people the whole time we were in there. We were given a card with a total of 12 questions. We had to find the answers in the maze.

We spend a good hour and half in the maze and we manage to find 9 out of 12. When we reached the exit, my husband and niece decided to go back in from the exit to find the answer to question 9 and 12. My kids and I went back inside from the entrance to look for answer number 1 since we missed it the first time we went in. We found it and went back out. My husband and niece couldn’t find any so I decided to go back in there myself. After looking for almost 30 minutes, I only managed to find answer #9. I would have kept looking for the last one but I felt I was going in circles and the kids were tired. I accepted defeat and exit the maze. We were all tired from running around the maze but it was so much fun. We got 11 out of 12 which is not bad.

Before we headed home, we bought some of their fresh produce to enjoy on the road. I really don’t have anything negative to say of this place. It was fun. The kids very much enjoyed it. It’s still early in the month which is why it wasn’t crowded but I prefer it that way. Parking was right in front and free. I’m assuming later on they’ll have an entrance fee. I can’t image how crowded this place gets as Halloween approaches. I rather not know. I would like to come back in the future to try and get all 12 answers.

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