Too Cute to Eat

Another skill of mine. I have a love/hate thing when I make cakes. I love making them but I hate how precise I can be. I’m my own worse critic. I only strike for perfection. I amaze myself when I look at the finishing work though.

We all start somewhere and this was one of my first cakes I ever made. Not my best work but at the time it was and I was so proud of it.

I discovered fondant and I wanted to make a ‘Legend Of Zelda’ theme cake for my husband. For being the first time, I was impressed with myself. He didn’t want to cut it. Eventually we did.

The next year I decided to make a tall cake. It could have been better but my husband was happy with it. Fondant and warm weather don’t do well together.

The next 3 years, I made cakes shaped as Nintendo gaming systems. My favorite one was the Super Nintendo.

I wanted to test my skills further. I wanted to make a round cake. My friend is a huge Pokémon fan so I made him a pokeball cake. This was a challenge because it was the first round cake I ever made. I was so happy with how this one came out. I gave myself a pat on the back. The small pokeballs are cakepops covered in fondant.

As the years pass by, my skills slowly improve and it’s fun whenever I get the urge to create something great. I love it all; From simple to challenging and time consuming.

I was thinking of making a business selling my cakes but it never developed. Any free time I had in the past was rare. My kids were so young which required my attention most of the time. Things are different now since the kids go to school. My scheduled opened up so maybe I’ll try again. It’s a wonderful feeling when I’m able to create anything.

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