Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast: 420 Room

I usually find that last-minute trips are the best. I think I booked this place less than a week before the actual date. This was our first ever trip without the kids so it was very exciting. My friend recommended this place so we decided to book a stay.

Originally I wanted to book a night at Joshua Tree but I couldn’t find anything to my liking in such short notice. I wanted something unique and memorable as our first trip without the kids. Even if it was only one night, I wanted something special.

I did a little browsing of the place and saw these cabins in Idyllwild and each room has a theme. If you’re missing the holiday spirit, there is a room decked out with Christmas decor, a Christmas tree, and a collection of holiday films. They also have a Haunted Mansion room inspired by the Disneyland ride with the same name. I wanted to stay in the Honeymoon suite which has a heart-shaped jacuzzi in the room but there were no openings available. There was another room I was interested in and that was the 420 room.

Like the name implies, it’s a room where you can smoke freely inside. I was expecting the place to smell horrible but to my surprise it was pleasant. I saw that there were 2 air purifiers running nonstop so that would explain the place smelling great. We got settled in and started smoking.

We ventured out for a bit to explore the area. There is a cute restaurant to dine in and a game room with a bar. I got spooked because the moment we stepped foot inside, everything turned on. Everything is motion sensor so pretty cool. I thought we had to pay for the games but it turns out, they are all free. We had a great time playing the arcade machines while the jukebox played music. We were the only ones there which felt kinda eerie. Very ‘Cabin in the Woods’ vibe. After being there for a bit, we went back to the room to continue smoking. We sat in the living room and started watching a Cheech and Chong movie.

As the day turned into night, the pictures on the wall became vibrant and luminous with the help of the backlights. I wore the perfect shirt for the occasion. I have never smoked so much in my life and I was so calm and carefree. My anxiety levels were nonexistent and it felt amazing. As I lay on the bed looking at the pictures above me, I slowly drifted to one of the best sleeps of my life. I can’t recall when was the last time I slept so wonderful.

I woke up before dawn feeling rejuvenated and I stayed awake to watch the sunrise. If you’re wondering what my husband was doing, he was sleeping but I didn’t mind. Sometimes just experiencing certain moments alone is extraordinary.

We ordered breakfast to be delivered to our room while we watched another Cheech and Chong movie. Everything was delicious but my favorite was the Mari-Waffle. After we finished our meal, we took one last puff, we packed up our things, and checked out. We bought a couple of souvenirs and we started the drive back home.

This experience was amazing and definitely a memory. It was the perfect couples retreat. I told my husband that we have to come back again. On our next visit though, it would be a 2 night stay. Maybe next time we can book the honeymoon suite. If not, we can’t go wrong with the 420 room.

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