Cozy Reading

I am clearly on a roll reading. The next book, Daisy Jones and the Six, was suggested from Amazon. From what I read on the back of the book, it’s about a band in the 70’s that split up right before they were about to make it really big.

The beginning of this novel starts off as an interview. We learn about Daisy Jones and her upbringing. We also get introduced to Billy and Graham and their childhood. I thought the first couple of chapters would only be like this but turns out, the whole book is in this format. It took a couple of pages to get use to this type of reading but it’s no big deal. As the story progressed, we get introduced to other characters but right off the bat, I think you end up meeting all the main characters in the first 20 pages.

The book is fictional but it does mention actual music artists from the 70’s which made me question if the band was an actual real band. After I finished reading the novel, I decided to browse online for more info on the book. Turns out that the story is inspired by the real band, Fleetwood Mac. I love their music and I knew there was love drama in the band but despite that, they still made music even though some members weren’t together anymore.

As I read the book, I pictured as if I was watching a VH1 Behind the Music episode. Each person is being interviewed by someone, taking in and listening to their side of the story. It’s interesting how some characters remember things differently. I loved that I was able to read how the other characters felt and to hear their version of things.

SPOILER!!! Skip this paragraph if you don’t want me to ruin anything. As a wife and mother, I can relate to some of the characters such as Camila and Karen. Graham and Karen weren’t an official couple but they were having sex. Karen ends up pregnant and Graham is so happy but she wants to abort the pregnancy. Career wise, she felt there would be none if she had the baby. Graham was thinking there can be a replacement for a while until Karen was well to join the band again. Karen didn’t see it that way and even if Graham’s plan sounded assuring, she felt being a mother wasn’t in the cards. Karen wanted to focus on her career and wanted to do so much more. Ultimately, she went through with the abortion without telling Graham. The relationship wasn’t the same and they broke up. I completely get what Karen was going through. Graham wouldn’t have to change anything in his life but Karen would and that’s something she couldn’t accept. A woman has much more to lose than a man. Not to say that having a kid means that your life is over, but it’s harder to accomplish things. I thought they were going to work it out but they went their separate ways. I was hoping the band would one day reunite to make music. The ending made it seem that way but when I turned the page, I realized that was the end. Just like those reality TV shows, the last chapter was in the form of, ‘Where are they now’. Karen continued playing for another 20 years and enjoys her life being alone. She lived the life of a rock star. Graham moved on and had kids of his own. He thinks of Karen sometimes and what would have been because the love he had for her was deep. You don’t forget your first love. The last chapter is a great summary of what happened to everyone. It was a nice closure.

I was bummed out I finished the book so soon. I actually stopped reading for 2 days to make it last. The way the book ended I felt was sad but in a good note. I’m so excited to hear that they’re making a limited TV series coming out next year. I had to see if they already picked who’s going to play Daisy and Billy and I completely agree on their choice. I also checked out the rest of the cast and I dig it. I’m excited for the music since the songs that were written in the book will be composed and come to life in the series. I’m not very good at reading lyrics without a beat so I’m looking forward how the songs are going to sound.

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