Keeping Busy

If my face is not stuck in front of a book, I’ll be finding something to do at home. Spring cleaning came early and I already filled up 3 bags of clothes. I’ve been thinking of moving furniture around the living room and bed room to get a different vibe going on. The attic entrance is a project I have on hold since 2019. Maybe I’ll tackle it this year. I’m still unsure though so I decided to move stuff around the backyard instead. It’s a slow process but it’s coming along well.

I finished reading another book which I’ll be making a blog post about it soon. In about 2 days, I’ll be changing my hair color again. I wanted to do it this past weekend but I was really focused on the backyard.

I recently bought a raspberry and grape plant. I also repurposed a wooden raised bed to plant strawberry seeds. I’m going to build another raised bed with the pallets I managed to get. I want the backyard to look welcoming. Triforce’s resting place is there and I want the place to look lovely. I plan to buy a small cute 3 piece patio set to be in the pergola. I also have this idea of making an outdoor mini bar with pallets.

There are so many things I have planned to do. Do I need to do any of this? No I don’t but I like to keep busy and if I’m slowly cleaning and improving the home, why not.

In all honesty, I’m keeping busy so I don’t think about Triforce but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t imagine her snooping around me and wondering what I’m up to. She was a curious cat. So when I do picture her, it’s a sad but happy feeling at the same time.

I got these flowers a few days after Triforce passed away. I remember I would buy flowers around this time of year for no reason, just to make me happy. Seeing the flowers now bring a sad smile. I can envision her smelling them.

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