Cozy Reading

You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, I did and it’s not what I expected.

At first glance, I thought the book was fiction and that it was a fun tale about a mom dealing with her husband, kids, and everyday issues.

After reading the first 50 pages, I discovered it was a self-help book. The book was about a mother and her everyday life dealing with her daughter and husband but it’s a true story of the author. The book also throws in numbers, polls, statistics, research, and studies. As I kept reading more and more, I was intrigued.

I think the book did a well job on tackling issues that some couples with kids experience, such as: only one parent doing all the chores, the breadwinner, arguing in front of the kids, being lazy go on a date with your spouse, money problems, setting chores, and self care, just to name a few. The book also gives out tips and advice on how to deal with these issues.

I myself picked up a couple of things that I can improve in my relationship with my husband and kids. An example: Whenever my husband tries to help me with the kids, like help brush their teeth or picking an outfit, I always seem to intervene and show him how it’s done in my way. I should let my husband do it his way and be grateful he’s even helping, not correct him. And even though the outfits he picked out don’t match and it bugs me so much, it’s okay. The point is that he helped me. I want my kids to know they have 2 parents and that they shouldn’t just come to mommy for everything. They can also ask dad.

I also tend to correct my kids as well. Zelda and Link are really good at picking up after themselves and placing things where they’re suppose to be. I have a bad habit on kinda fixing it after and I shouldn’t do that. I should be happy that my kids even listen.

The book all together was a pleasant read with a few laughs. The book just made sense and was so relatable because many of the things discussed I have been through or I’m going through. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this book to my single friends. It’s a self-help book to help improve your relationship with your spouse, the kids, and yourself. I think maybe young couples getting ready to have kids can get some insight on this book. Personally, I enjoyed it very much.

Side note: My husband did not like the book because of the title. I told him it’s nothing to worry about. But I do want to point out, many of the lessons has to be done by both parents so changes can occur. I don’t expect my husband to read the book though which is a bummer. I did learn quite a bit in my part and I have talked to him about certain stuff mentioned in the book so he can kinda get the point on certain things. A little progress is better than no progress.

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