Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

This trip was spontaneous but a good one. Honestly I wasn’t sure if we can go in since we didn’t buy tickets online. We took a chance and asked if walk-ins were available. We were lucky since there were only a few slots left and it’s a weekday so it’s not as crowded.

I think the last time I came, Zelda was 1 years old. She’s now 6.

We wandered and explored. Due to Covid, the kids couldn’t touch certain things but thats easier said than done. I had hand sanitizer in handy.

I was very much excited to check out the Nature Lab since it wasn’t there when we last went. It’s a part of the museum that showcases animals, insects, and birds that are found and live in Los Angeles. The Nature Lab also explains the impact of human expansion. As we build new structures, we destroy habitats which forces many either to adapt the new changes or migrate somewhere else. In some cases, a number of insects are not found in the LA area anymore due to these changes.

We kept exploring and looking around. The Natural History Museum has a lot to see and learn about. It’s an enjoyable place. I definitely would like to go back again.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

900 W Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007

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