Closet Makeover Part 1

Currently we’re remodeling the bathroom but that project is taking a while to complete and I doubt it won’t be finish for another month or two. I was going to wait to start on the closet but one day I woke up and I said, “Today is the day”. I was fed up with the mess and I had 2 black dressers in the room that were slowly falling apart. It was a sign. For four days I worked on my closet makeover. I say part one because our closet is big: it’s a walk in closet. I honestly don’t need such a big space for our clothes. So I decided to divide the closet in two parts: one part closet, one part cute reading spot/collectible mini room.

I try to be organized but sometimes even I just place stuff anywhere. I’m a firm believer that everything has a place and if you can’t find one, it’s best to get rid of it. This project also helped me deep clean. So technically, it’s Spring Cleaning.

My husband told me to wait until I cleaned everything out of the closet but I said no and off I went to IKEA. I got myself a PAX wardrobe frame with 2 drawers and 4 shelves. In the beginning, I wasn’t going to get doors for the wardrobe but after thinking about it, I didn’t want the things inside the wardrobe to be visible, so the next day I went to IKEA again and bought a small door and a big mirror door. I also decided to buy a smaller PAX wardrobe frame with 4 shelves for my clothes.

I ran into a little bit of trouble when I was building them but I managed. You don’t need a second set of hands but it can definitely make certain things easier. Having a screw gun and a ladder helped me very much.

So after building the first wardrobe, I started putting all my husbands’ things. I loved how organized everything is and the doors just made everything look clean. Now, if my husband didn’t want to keep things in order, I can simply close the doors and not worry what’s back there. I’m so happy I decided to get the doors.

The next day I started building the smaller one. I didn’t buy a door for mine and I was starting to regret it. So I went online and bought a mirror door, 2 drawers, and 1 more shelf. Within 2 hours, my order was ready to be picked up and off I went to IKEA again for the third time. I’m so glad I ordered it online because there was a line to enter the store and it was hot that day. I only waited 10 minutes and I had my items.

After building the small wardrobe, I put my clothes and other stuff. I’m so happy I got the mirror door; it really brings the whole closet look together.

I was thinking of buying another PAX wardrobe for the kids but I decided to use the old one I was using before. Maybe in the future I’ll buy one but for now it works.

The only issue I had left was lighting. This side of the closet had no light and it was dark. I’m not an electrician and there’s no way I was going to mess around with wires and risk injuring myself. I looked up for lamps I can place there without it taking space. I think on my second trip to IKEA, I looked around their lighting section and found pendant lights that were plug in. I can work with that. The problem I had with the plug in pendant light: I didn’t want the cord to be visible and the switch had to be reachable for the kids. I looked around Amazon and bought a set of cord cover wall concealer. After measuring and cutting, the pendant light is up, the cord nicely hidden, and the switch is in a good place.

I don’t know how to express how happy and relieve I feel seeing the complete look. It just looks so clean and so bright. Everything is where it should be and I love that. Overall, I’m pleased.

Part 1 of the closet is done. I will now focus my attention to the other side and figure out how I want to arrange things. I predict another IKEA trip in the future.

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