Christmas Headbands

I’m sadden me that I won’t be able to see a school Christmas performance from the kids this year. Zelda’s class still celebrated by having a Spirit Week. I made sure Zelda participated so she would get excited for Christmas. Link’s class still had their performance which was recorded on Zoom. It’s not the same but it’s something. Part of his performance was to make an Arctic animal headband. The teacher provided a template to draw an animal but I’m so extra, I went all out on his headband.

Link wanted a reindeer for his headband. I could have used brown paper but I used felt fabric instead. The reindeer’s antlers were heavy so I used cardboard in the back so they wouldn’t fall down. I used a glue gun to stick everything together.

Of course! After finishing with the reindeer, Zelda saw it and she wanted one but she wanted a penguin. I wasn’t going to do it because she didn’t need one but I gave in and made one for her.

I’m glad I made one for her. This proved to be a fun and cute Christmas project.The kids had fun wearing them and they’re perfect to wear on these days leading to Christmas.

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