Family Trip: Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico

Our trip to Baja California was wonderful. My husband and I weren’t sure what to expect. In the end, it was a lovely trip and I was kinda bummed out to leave.

My mom got vacation time and wanted to take a trip to Baja California. What a coincidence that my husband also got vacation time and he also wanted to take a trip across the border. We decided to tag along with my mom, my brother, and stepdad since they already had a place in mind. A family member suggested we go to Puerto Nuevo Hotel & Villas since it’s by the beach, cheap, and kid friendly. After doing some research, checking out the website and rates from various websites, the best price we got was from the actual hotel website. We had to call though to book our reservation since online booking wasn’t working. We stayed in a 2 story villa with an ocean front. I thought it would be too much for us but they were the only rooms with a kitchen and we planned on taking food and snack for the kids, just in case they got picky with food.

We took off around 12:30pm and got there 4 hours later since we got traffic. My husband and I took turns driving but after crossing the border, I told him he can drive. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. I could have driven all the way but I kept remembering how crazy driving is in Downtown Tijuana when I went years ago. We didn’t even passed thru there at all. I won’t mind driving next time.

We checked in and got settled in; stocked up the fridge and got comfy. I loved the villa and it’s a good thing because it was our home for the next 3 days. The villa had 2 bathrooms; one upstairs, the other downstairs. A king size bed upstairs and a big view of the ocean. We mostly stayed on the first floor though because I didn’t want the kids climbing the spiral stairs. There were 3 sofas on the first floor and we made a bed from the cushions on the floor and got the sheets from the bed. Very comfy. My mom got her own room but they could have stayed with us have I known about the additional person fee. We never slept in the bed and the villa was so spacious it could definitely accommodate 3 more people. Next time.

The villa also had a screen door towards the garden/ocean front. We went outside to check out the view and we noticed a great spot with sand and beach chairs. Luckily I brought the beach toys and we started making sand castles. It was windy but not cold. Eventually we went back inside and ate. We weren’t sleepy yet so we decided to explore the resort. Along the way, we played Pokémon Go. After checking everything out, we went back to our place and called it a day.

The second day, we decided to check out Ensenada and see La Bufadora, or The Blowhole in English. From Puerto Nuevo, it took us 2 hours. Once there, we walked past the shops and the many venders selling Piña Coladas to check out La Bufadora. We managed to get a good view and the kids enjoyed it. I can only imagine how high the water shoots out when waves are big.

We started walking back to our car and this time around, we bought snacks, souvenirs, and I gave in and bought a nonalcoholic Piña Colada so I can share with Zelda.

We were hungry so we went to Lobster Village, walking distance from the resort. People take day trips just to eat lobster here because it’s the place where the lobsters taste delicious. There are so many restaurants to choose from but in the end, we wanted a great ocean view, so we went to Angel Del Mar restaurant. I had to get a lobster. Omg, so good! Everything was so good. I was satisfied.

We rested a little and my husband and I decided to check out the bar area since they had music playing. We dropped off the kids at grandmas. 2 hours later, we picked up the kids and went back our room and went to bed.

Saturday morning, we ate at the buffet they had at the resort. We rested a little then got ready to get in the pool. Saturday was the windiest and cold day from our trip so we went to the indoor pool instead of the outdoor one.

After being in the pool for a few hours, we went back to the room, showered, changed and went back to Lobster Village to eat yet again more lobster. I would have tried a different restaurant but my mom liked Angel Del Mar so much, we went there again. This time we got a table inside since it was really cold outside. Again, food was great. Can’t complain. Went back to the room, drank a little, got comfy, and another day done.

Sunday morning, got packing, load everything in the car and went to go have breakfast at the resort restaurant. They had a buffet again but it was much better then Saturdays. So many more choices and they had bottomless mamosas. Before checking out, we went to the petting zoo, oh yeah! I forgot; the resort has a petting zoo. For a dollar you can feed the animals. The kids had a blast. Zelda did not want to leave.

Usually I get home sick but not this time. I’m going to miss waking up to the sound of waves and the beautiful ocean view. I’m not a beach girl but this place changed that.

Our drive home was boring. Passing the border took us 3 hours even though the hotel provided us with the Fastlane which is meant to avoid the regular traffic but it was only one lane and it was moving so slow.

I’m sure if we would have left any other day, it wouldn’t have taken so long but it was Sunday and everyone goes back home on Sunday to start the work day on Monday. After that, it was an additional 2 1/2 hours to get back home but we got traffic again so that added up. I drove all the way which wasn’t so bad. We left the hotel at 12:30pm and got home around 7:30pm.

I was tired but I have this nasty habit of unpacking, putting everything back, and throwing the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Every freakin time!!! My husband does not like it but I hate leaving things in the suitcase. But anyways, we made it home safe, tired, and a little tan.

Overall, it was a great trip. I was expecting something to go wrong and I was a little scared and on guard most of the time. I haven’t been to Mexico in years so that fear build up over the years and what you see on social media and the news doesn’t help. I think you run into trouble if you wander off and go to places/areas where you’re not suppose to. Everywhere we went was just beautiful and the people we encountered were nice and respectful. A lovely trip.