Bed upgrade! Kid edition

It’s been a year since Zelda got her toddler bed. I thought she would stick around with it for another year but a few months ago she started asking for a bunk bed. I thought she was kidding at first but she kept insisting. She wanted a bunk bed for her and Link and she wanted the top bed. I thought it was a great idea but I kept delaying it because I was scared for 2 reasons: Link and Zelda falling from the top bunk and Link climbing up in general since he’s a daredevil. After talking to my husband, we decided to get a bunk bed.

We started looking around online and at our local furniture stores. In the end, we bought the bunk bed from Amazon. Free shipping and it arrived a week earlier! The only issue I had: I haven’t bought the mattresses since I wasn’t expecting the bunk bed to arrive so soon. So after building the bunk bed (with the help of my husband), we ordered mattresses and comforters from Amazon again 😅

Two days later, the mattresses arrived. I wasn’t sure how the quality would be from a compressed mattress but it’s surprisedly comfy. It was fun watching it expand once I ripped the bag.

After washing the covers, putting cute decor on the beds, they were done and ready to be slept in.My kids love their beds. Since day 1, Zelda has slept in hers. Link sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and lays next to me. I think it’s really cute though when he lays on his bed by himself and goes to sleep. I think what convinces them to stay on their bed is getting comforters, plushies and toys that they like. Link is into Super Mario so I put Yoshi plushies that we won from Round1 and a big Mario that my husband had. On the wall, I put the toy Mushroom Castle that we bought from Toys R Us. Zelda’s favorite color is pink and she has a lot of cute plushies; Hello Kitty, unicorns, Kirby etc.

The room was such a mess for a few days since I was moving everything around, literally EVERYTHING! My anxiety levels were high. Overall, I love how everything turned out. Kids are happy and I’m happy.

P.S. In the end, I didn’t have to worry about Link. He only goes on the top bunk if Zelda invites him. The ladder is removable too just in case.

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