Dressed up and Nowhere to Go

Not everyday is eventful for me, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get dressed up. Sure, there is chore day which is cleaning up the house and doing laundry, but even then, I still get dressed up. I still shower, put a little makeup on, and put a cute casual outfit. It annoy me when certain people ask why I get ready everyday when I don’t even have plans to go out.

I guess this became a bigger issue after I got married and had kids. I won’t say who but they started wondering why I still do it. They were probably thinking I’ll be sending out the wrong message and that I’m trying to impress someone else besides my husband. I mean, it appears that way but it isn’t. Just because I’m married, doesn’t mean I should stop taking care of myself. It gets on my nerves when people don’t get that. I’ve seen it with other couples and family members. They let themselves go; even worse when they have kids. I don’t want that to happen to me. I know kids take a lot of our time but I don’t think we should forget about ourselves.

Marriage is hard to keep it going. And it’s harder when kids are added to the mix. I have two and they require a lot (I mean all) of my time. Doesn’t feel like there is any time for myself but I gotta make time. Being ready in the morning gives me such a burst of energy and self esteem; feels like I’m ready to face the day. I don’t even do this for my husband. I do it for myself. Why is that so hard to believe?

I’m not high maintenance but I do care how I present myself. I do get my lazy days and even then, I put a little mascara to feel a little pretty. Even on sick days (mommies doesn’t have sick days), I go all out so I can feel better. I might be sneezing with a runny nose and fever but at least I look cute.

So I do this for me, no one else. It makes me feel cute, happy, and cheerful. It might have been a boring uneventful day but at least I look great =^.^=

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