The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Took the whole family to see the movie. I want to say that it was for the kids but honestly, I was very much excited to see the movie myself.

I was hoping to score that tin popcorn box. I don’t know if it would sell out since it’s kinda basic but I still wanted one. We got dressed up, Mario style, and off we went to the movies.

I loved the movie. Everyone loved it. Even my mom was laughing. We saw a lot of Easter eggs and we definitely stuck around to the ending credits to see a small clip that got us excited. For sure there has to be a sequel. It’s a movie I would go watch in theaters again. It’s a funny and enjoyable film.

Oh yeah! We got two popcorn buckets and got posters. I was hoping to get one of Bowser and Peach but I’m happy I managed to get something.

I love the Peaches song =^.^=

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