Renaissance Faire

Before the Pandemic hit in 2020, we had plans on going to the Renaissance Faire. I was already looking upon costume ideas. Covid came and shut everything down and that included the Renaissance Faire. It took 2 years for it to come back and I wasn’t going to miss the chance on going next time it’s open.

I ended up dressing up as a pirate but I was missing a hat so I looked like a merchant or thief. Zelda was a fairy and Link was suppose to be a pirate but I wanted him to be comfortable so a nice off-white shirt would do.

The moment we entered the Faire grounds, it was like we traveled back in time. It was wonderful. Mostly everyone was dressed up and if you weren’t, you more likely wanted to be. I’m glad I dressed up a bit. I would have been bummed out. There is so much to see and do and it did get a little overwhelming for a bit. We would sit down to rest and just check out anyone that would pass by.

The kids got to play a few games and get on some rides. They very much enjoyed the festivities going on.

We loved it but there are some things I’ll keep in mind and do different next time we come.

– Parking in the Faire grounds was $12 but it was worth it in my opinion. People were parking outside but the walk is so long to reach the Faire. I know I’ll be able to do it but my kids would be so tired. And thinking about it, after doing a lot of walking inside the Faire, I wouldn’t want to do more walking to reach the car.

-No outside food, only water. We bought food in the Faire but it ain’t cheap. And the lines to order are long. We waited about 35 minutes to place our order. I didn’t know you can leave and come back as long as you got a stamp in the exit. We saw a couple of people with ice coolers packed with food and eating comfortably next to their car.

-Cash only in almost all shops. Luckily we were prepared in that. There are atms inside the Faire but the lines was ridiculously long so bring cash.

We’re definitely going next time it’s in town. I recommend at least going once to experience it, the kids would love it.

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