Rainbow Layer Cake

This cake was a first of many things: 5 layers, colored frosting, and chocolate dripping.

I used 2 boxes of cake mix. After mixing them, I divided all the cake batter into 5 parts and used Wilton Icing Colors to add color to the batter.

After the cake was baked and cooled, I stacked them together adding a little frosting in between. I used 2 Pillsbury Creamy Supreme frostings in the favor of Cream Cheese. The frosting is stiff and not easy to spread so I used my hand mixer and mixed the frosting until it was whipped and fluffy. I divided it into 5 parts and used Wilton Icing colors again. I slowing started applying the colored frosting to the cake. I started getting nervous when it came time to smooth out the frosting. If I had a long scraper, I would have been able to smooth out the cake easier in my option. I have a small scraper which meant I had to either start in the bottom or top. I started on the top and I think it shows. It doesn’t look as smooth as the bottom. I took my time and patience trying to smooth everything out. I’m happy with what I made considering the fact that I’ve never done this before.

The last part was the chocolate dripping. I looked up a couple of YouTube videos on how to do it. I added the coconut flakes to make the chocolate more runnier. Once the chocolate cools, it’s hard. I couldn’t put the candles. Luckily I still had melted chocolate which I used as glue to stick the candle to the cake. And that’s it!

When the cake was cut, we got to see the colorful layers. I like pushing myself on trying new things and I definitely learned from them. I need to invest on a turnable stand. It would make the frosting process easier. I think the layers look too big. Next time I make a layer cake, I would make each layer smaller. But I’m very happy with what I made. The cake was a success. Not bad for a first of many things.

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