NorCal Roadtrip🚘 2nd Stop: Point Reyes National Seashore

After leaving the Golden Gate Bridge, the next place was Muir Woods National Monument or so we thought. I didn’t know we needed reservations. I’m guessing parking is limited which cars get turned away if they don’t have a reservation. We kept driving until we reached the 1 freeway and just kept going.

We would lose signal at some point so we just hoped we found something interesting along the way. We came upon this random spot that has 3 water pipes coming out of the rock. This spot was giving me ‘Legend of Zelda’ vibes. It’s called Red Rock Spring.

It’s right on the 1 freeway and if you’re driving fast, you might miss it, which I almost did. When we pulled over, there were people there filling up their empty water jugs. We waited patiently to fill up our empty container.

When I drank this water, I was amazed how clean and refreshing it was. I can’t recall loving water so much. To this day, any other water I have drank can’t compare. It’s a shame we didn’t have more empty containers to fill up for the road. We stayed for about 30 minutes and we went back to driving north.

We kept driving on the 1 freeway until we stopped at Point Reyes National Seashore. We checked out the Bear Valley Visitor Center. Their center has so much info regarding the seashore and I would have liked to check out the lighthouse but by the time we get there, it would have been closed. We decided to stay a bit longer at the center and then had a picnic outside.

After eating, we walked a short easy trail. We learned we were at the San Andreas Fault Zone. Nature has taken over by covering where the floor shifted when the 1906 earthquake struck but it’s still fascinating and a bit scary to know the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate scrape each other here.

After finishing the trail, we kept driving the 1 freeway north until we reached Fort Bragg, which is almost a 4 hour drive. We got food, checked-in to our hotel, and called it a day. Today didn’t go as planned but we still had a fun time and that’s the point of a road trip. I do get anxious when I feel I’m driving aimlessly but in a way it’s exciting because the expectations aren’t high. So anything we encounter is a win for us.

On to our next destination: Glass Beach and drive-thru tree in Leggett.

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