Oogie Boogie Bash

The last time we went to Oogie Boogie Bash was back in 2015, Zelda was only 10 months old, and it was still held at Disneyland. I was bummed out when they changed the event to California Adventures but it’s no big deal. We held off on going years after and waited until Link and Zelda were old enough to understand and enjoy the event.

Oogie Boogie Bash 2015

I bought the tickets back in July and it’s a good thing since they do sell out. I started thinking of costume ideas for the family. The main reason I love this event is because adults can dress up.

I had 3 choices in mind for a family costume: Toy Story, Marvel heroes, or Nightmare before Christmas. Zelda chose The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our roles were:

  • Zelda: Sally
  • Link: Jack Skellington
  • Dad: The Mayor
  • Me: Oogie Boogie

I procrastinated on making the costumes but in the end I got them done, in my own version. I wasn’t going for perfect and exact like the characters. I wanted everyone to be comfy while we walked around the park.

The event starts at 6pm but we can enter the park as early as 3pm. The original plan was to go early so we have more time to explore but the weather killed it. California weather was great, low 80’s, then the days leading up to the event, it got hot. At 3pm it was 96 degrees. I made the costumes to be comfy but not hot weather friendly. We ended up going at 6pm and it was still pretty warm, 88 degrees. The sun was setting but it still felt warm. I didn’t bother taking sweaters and I didn’t put on my costume until around 8pm.

I told my husband to rent a stroller because eventually the kids are going to get tired. Since the trams aren’t running, you have to make the walk from the parking structure to downtown Disney. He said no, that we’re going to be okay. I gave him a face and said okay. 5 minutes walking and he turns back to rent a stroller. I knew I was right and he agreed. Link and I took a selfie while we waited for dad and Zelda to meet us.

Since we arrived at 6:30pm, there was no line to get our wristband. We went to the nearest candy trail and saw Dr. Facilier. The next place was Avengers Campus. I was expecting the section to be bigger. The candy trail to see Agatha was long so we skipped it. We were still able to see her from far. Just like Agatha, the candy trail lines for Cruella and Sid were long so we skipped it and decided to go on other trails and get on rides. The characters are still visible while passing through so it’s alright. We pretty much hit all the other candy trails except Oogie Boogie and I’m so bummed we missed that one. I didn’t get to see him in the parade either. Oh well, there’s next year.

So besides not going to Agatha, Cruella, Sid, and Oogie Boogie candy trail, we got so much candy. I took a tote bag to dump our candy inside because the small bags they provide you for the event fills up real quick. By the second trail, the bag is filled up.

The parade was really nice and the kids enjoyed it. We were thinking of skipping it but now I’m glad we saw it.

We had so much fun and the kids loved it. I’m not sure but I think the event was very limited. The park didn’t feel crowded even though the event was sold out. I think that’s another reason it was so enjoyable. The only thing I did find annoying was having to wear a mask just to enter a ride. Mask is not required while you’re walking around so it’s alright.

I felt such joy being there. I use to have an annual pass and I would go spontaneously after work. The last time I had an annual pass, Link was 2 and Zelda 4. I’m so tempted to get the new pass but I’m going to hold out on it. I dislike their reservation system.

Oh! And our costumes were a success. We got a couple of compliments for our family cosplay. I still want to adjust some things but overall I’m so happy with how they turned out. Dressing up as a family is so much fun.

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